See how C-PACE will help Shagbark Lumber nearly $70,000 in energy costs this year

"Solar has been an important goal that Shagbark has had for many years. Being in retail and being a relatively small business, we didn’t feel that it would ever be affordable for us. Once the C-PACE program came in, we saw a big opportunity to move towards that goal. So we took it." - Joanna Hunt, Owner, Shagbark Lumber
PACEsetter: Julia Leonardo, Comptroller and Joanna Hunt, Owner
C-Pace Financing: $485,000
Energy Upgrade: 157 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic system
Projected Savings: $1.2M over the life of the upgrades
Location: 21 Mount Parnassus Dr., East Haddam, CT
Building Size: 35,950 Square Feet
Year Built: 1996
Total Project Cost: $485,000
Incentives: ZREC (Zero-emissions Renewable Energy Credit)
C-PACE Financing: $485,000
Term: 10 years
Annual Interest Rate: 5.0%
Annual C-PACE Assessment: $61,325
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $61,325
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $1,215,205
Annual Energy Savings: 159,927 kWh