See how C-PACE helped Forstone Capital save over $6.05M

"Energy efficiency is always something we strive for, but due to the size and scope of this particular project, it would not have been possible without C-PACE. The end result will be better comfort for our tenants and a much improved physical asset." - Brandon Hall, Principal, Forstone Capital
PACEsetter: Brandon Hall and Brett Wilderman, Principals, Forstone Capital
C-Pace Financing: $2M
Energy Upgrade: VFDs on pumps and chillers, fan powered VAV boxes, new cooling towers, data center retrofit, new direct digital control for HVAC, new chillers
Projected Savings: $6.05M over the life of the upgrades
Location: 855 Main Street, Bridgeport CT
Building Size: 112,000 Square Feet
Year Built: 1966
Total Project Cost: $2,462,000
Incentives: $469,317
C-PACE Financing: $2M
Term: 20 years
Annual Interest Rate: 5.5%
Annual C-PACE Assessment: $166,563
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $166,563
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $6,047,504
Annual Energy Savings: 781 MMBTU