See how C-PACE helped Crest Mechanical save over $400K

“The C-PACE program allowed me to access low-cost and long-term financing to further support our desire to deploy solar energy and stabilize our energy costs over the long-term. The C-PACE program will allow me to re-evaluate all my energy systems in all of my Connecticut properties.”
PACEsetter: Paul Breglio, President, Crest Mechanical
C-Pace Financing: $145,000
Energy Upgrade: 55 kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system
Projected Savings: $418K over the life of the upgrades
Location: 41 Walnut Street, Hartford, CT
Building Size: 34,500 Square Feet
Year Built: 1925
Total Project Cost: $170,000
Incentives: ZREC (Zero-emissions Renewable Energy Credit)
C-PACE Financing: $145,000
Term: 20 years
Annual Interest Rate: 5.5%
Annual C-PACE Assessment: $12,044
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $12,044
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $418,690
Annual Energy Savings: 65,000 kWh