Eligible Measures

Fund your project with C-PACE

Lighting. Air Compressors. Solar Panels.
Anything that reduces energy costs in your building can be 100% funded with C-PACE. Even soft costs like developer fees, energy audits, maintenance contracts and M&V. To find out what measures you can fund, click here and explore the links to the right.

Go Deeper

Owners no longer have to patch up old equipment that is too expensive to replace. With financing of up to 20 years, higher ticket items, such as solar panels or new chillers, can be implemented on a positive cash flow basis from year one. C-PACE allows buildings owners to go beyond the ‘low hanging fruit’ and go deeper while increasing their bottom line. Building owners across the state are already doing more with C-PACE.

PACEsetters Brandon Hall and Brett Wilderman are going deeper at 855 Main Street in Bridgeport. Rather than “kick the can down the road,” Forstone Capital used C-PACE financing to take on multiple projects overhauling the chiller and replacing 1,054 windows “in one fell swoop.” Now, Forstone Capital will save nearly $250,000 a year, all because they decided to go deeper and improve their building’s energy performance. Learn more about Forstone Capital or check out our other Pacesetters.