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Energy Contractor (EC) has read the REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FROM INTERESTED ENERGY AUDITORS & CONTRACTORS (RFQ) and agrees to all the terms set forth in Section VII of the RFQ. EC agrees to the state contracting obligations set forth in Conn. Gen. Stat. Sections 4a-60 and 4a-60ª and acknowledges that CEFIA is subject to the requirements outlined in Sections 16-245N of the Connecticut General Statutes.

CEFIA is a public agency for purposes of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This RFQ and any files or documents associated with the RFQ will be considered a public record and will be subject to disclosure under FOIA except for information falling within one of the exemptions in Conn. Gen. Stat. Sections § 1-210(b) and § 16-245n(d). EC has read the requirements in this RFQ concerning FOIA and confidential material. The full RFQ can be found here.